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Well, Aleo is the best new privacy-themed crypto-project, it has a fantastic future indeed.

Aleo was born from a desire to achieve the impossible — to build a user experience on the web that is both truly personal and truly private. — that`s what is said on their website
The big projects, that are solving key problems are always the best. Aleo is a 💎GEM;

Today we get more and more gems , so this is a true one, classic easy genius investition.

Aleo is the first platform to offer fully private applications.

Aleo achieves this by leveraging decentralized systems and zero-knowledge cryptography to protect user data on the web. At its core, Aleo offers users and application developers unbounded compute with absolute privacy.

By architecting Aleo as a blockchain that is private-by-default, open-source, and built for the web, we believe Aleo is uniquely positioned to address the shortcomings of blockchain adoption. With Aleo, users have access to a world of truly personalized web services without giving up control of their private data.

They have an Ambassador program, so you might want to participate in it :

📝 Form:📝EG3VQrQbR2Wmsj4H0VqvD2x5wdhl3PuYE3g/viewform

🏆TEAM: I found no info on this


Here`s the pucture with all information you need to know about this :

Here you can see more info about the subj on the crunchbase.

Cruncbase screen


Their twitter has a significant score on coinsguru, that mean that much crypto-influencers support the project!)

A16z — one of the best founds


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