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I want to introduce you to the Hawksight project

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Hawksight is a Defi tool built on the Solana and Terra blockchain. Its job is to provide automated investments and generate income on Solana and Terra in a few “clicks”.

👀What is behind this project:

💼 Funds:

This project has the following funds behind it: Solana Ventures, Terraform Labs, NGC Ventures, Solar Eco Fund, One Block Capital, Petrock Capital Skyvision Capital, Everest Ventures Group, Doublepeak, Entrepreneur First, Global Founders Capital, Follow The Seed and Cherubic. They have already raised more than $4 million.

👷 Team:

The team consists of more than 15 great developers from different countries: Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, India and the USA.

💣 Amazing and just super cool $HAWK token

Here we read carefully, and delve into the text. 👀

The total offer is 5,000,000,000 tokens.

Speaking roughly, $HAWK is the base currency of the project, with which all commissions would be paid. So, we buy tokens and:

  1. We are solving the problem with the commission (that means, we can use the platform)
  2. We support Developers (we invest in their project)
  3. We get the preimum Hawksight functions (for the token stake)
  4. We get the opportunity to offer and vote for proposals of management in the network (so, there will be no such thing, that developers will do nonsense for the sake of money, in short, democracy is guaranteed).

📒Road map:

  1. Launch of the token on IDO (in February).
  2. Launch of the main Dapp network (in March).
  3. The first Defi tests on the Terra network.
  4. Awards for users with the role of OG, Ambassador and Moderator in Discord.
  5. Technical development.


As I wrote earlier, IDO will be in February (at the end), it will be launched on Solanium, the token will, of course, be listed on centralized Dex and Sex exchanges. I think the hype will be great, so we are waiting for BIG X.

💰 Airdrop

Well, here are the sweetest things)

I want to introduce you to a super mega generous drop from the developers.

There will be 4 types of airdrop in total;

  1. Promotion of Twitter Discord and Telegram

Total prize pool: $25,000

Winners 100–200

Before IDO


Actively promote and involve people in our Twitter, Discord and Telegram.

2. OG, Ambassador and Moderator roles

Total prize pool: $75,000

Winners 150–300

Locked tokens (40% in advance, 20% quarterly).

Before IDO

Expectations and requirements:

  1. Have an existing large community in Discord or Telegram. (Ambassador)
  2. Actively create content and expand the Hawksight community. (Ambassador,OG)
  3. Moderate the Hawksight community channels so that they remain a safe place for members.(Moderator)
  4. It is expected that users who do not do the above will regularly and efficiently participate in the Hawksight community.

3. Retrodrop for specific countries.

Total prize pool: $50,000

This guaranteed reward for distribution is designed specifically for the first users who have created their own local community (individual countries).

Winners: 1000 depositors

Community with:

From 400 to 800 participants = approximately 20 whitelists.

From 801 to 1000 participants = approximately 30 whitelists.

From 1001 to 2000 participants = approximately 40 whitelists.

from 2001 to 3000 participants = approximately 50 whitelists.

4. General retrodrop for early users.

Total Prize Pool: $125,000 (Raffles system)


Deposit funds into the Hawksight vaults (from $50) and fill out the form.

Winners — 1000


  1. Development team (15+).
  2. There are good funds ($4 mils were brought in).
  3. There is an idea, a well-thought-out ecosystem (an own token).
  4. Rewards and privileges for early supporters.
  5. Mega drop.
  6. IDO in February (end).
  7. Well, and, of course, a secure Defi system.

My opinion;

I see the prospect of further growth of the project, according to the above parameters, well, what else is needed??? there is a token, there are bonuses for supporters, there are funds (they do not always help, of course). In general, with the full implementation of the idea, we get just an unrealistically cool GEM 💎 , with which it will be possible to earn more than one thousand bucks.

Social media links:

Website — https://app.hawksight.co/#/

Discord — https://discord.gg/hJBTCwnq

Twitter — https://twitter.com/HawksightCo

White Paper — https://hawksight .gitbook.io/whitepaper/

Medium — https://hawksight.medium.com/



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