Hawksight —TOP ambassador program

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Hi everyone,

Hawksight is a yield aggregator for indexing Yield-farming on Solana and Terra, which will automate your investments. The project also has a function for receiving trading signals generated by artificial intelligence 🤖

Here’s how you can get there:


Fill out the form for the ambassador

Here’s how you can already help the project:

  • Expand the community in Discord by chatting and helping newcomers
  • Do useful things (memes, art, articles, translations, videos, tweets, and so on)
  • Use their Dapp, for that, perhaps they will give us some bonuses in the form of a retrodrop or a priority tokensale queue

The project has good support in the form of funds: Solanium Ventures, Terraform Labs, Gate.Io, Bybit and NGC.

The project is a true GEM, if you invest all your time in it, you will get a fresh lambo

In short, we try our best in getting the OG and Ambassador roles and priority queue for the tokensale in February, actually, it is not that difficult.

Author of the article: Kikalxd#2769

My reddit — https://www.reddit.com/r/KikalCoins


Website— https://hawksight.co/
DApp — https://app.hawksight.co/
Whitepaper on russian — https://hawksight-ru.gitbook.io/whitepaper/ Russian — https://www.reddit.com/r/HawksightRussia/
Twitter— https://twitter.com/HawksightCo
Telegram— https://t.me/joinchat/XAIUa0s3WuZlOTM9



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