How to resolve problems with Axelar Satellite 🤖

Broken transactions on a crosschain app

❌ If you have ANY issues with Axelar Satellite app — here`s a guide, which will help you.

First of all :

Wait, please. 90% of all problems can be solved by waiting for a couple of hours.

If your asset doesn’t arrive after sufficient time has passed, then:

Confirm that your transaction on the source chain went through via the corresponding explorer.

Confirm that you sent the assets to the Axelar-generated deposit address.

Confirm that you’ve sent the tokens to the desired destination chain & added the token contract to your metamask wallet ( Try searching your transaction in the destination chain’s explorer based on your destination address.

If previous advice led to nothing than follow my instructions:

Go to Axelar Discord —
Then dive into #satellite-cross-chain-chat channel

Find the channel you need

❓Now try to describe your question accurately, so Testnet Operators could understand what you want to say to them, if needed — apply screenshots.

If your problem is too complicated or testnet operators dont respond to you (you can also wait a bit, they are not robots):

Go to #🎫satellite-open-support-ticket and create a ticket, then scroll down and find your personal ticket channel.

Here you can describe your problem and get 100% help!

Good luck and thanks for your attention👋



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