Iron Fish —Promising Ambassador Program…AND a Testnet!


At the moment, Iron Fish has two types of activities going on:

Ambassador Program

Help Iron Fish to get BIG!

Do Twitter threads, post on Reddit, write and translate articles on Medium, and film videos for Youtube.

Create infographics, draw aesthetic arts, and create funny memes!

Details :

Here`s a link to their Discord server :

You can get familliar with this project by reading my Iron Fish deep research:

Incentivized Testnet Phase 2

Phase 2 categories

💻Hosting a node
Running an Iron Fish node with telemetry on and a registered graffiti set gets you max of 10 points for every 12 hours of hosting (even if running multiple nodes). Points are automatically assigned. We made a command ironfish testnet to make sure you're all set.

💸Sending a transaction
Sending a transaction of at least 0.1 coins to 5cfbcbf6e6f84e2bab6c17309f39908d7cdb8ae5ad4ab600bbb9101403a1edc2d03f71754764e8c66afc08 is worth 1 point. For convenience, we made a command ironfish deposit that constructs a transaction of 0.1 coins to this address for you.

Note that while we’ve removed earning points for mining a block from Phase 2, the only way to get coins is by mining them (faucet is disabled). It is now possible (and easy!) to create and join pools. Feel free to join the Iron Fish team pool if you can’t find others.

🐞Reporting a bug
If you see a bug, report it ( and request points for it (

🛠️Contribute to the ironfish codebase!
Iron Fish is in heavy development. Contributing to the ironfish repo is immensely appreciated as it directly impacts the project getting to mainnet faster. We appreciate open source contributions so much that we are allocating a separate pool of coins just for code contributions. Open source developers no longer have to compete with miners for points. We made open source contributions be the best way to get exposure to Iron Fish tokens (for eligible participants).






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