SkateX — newborn Blockchain legend.

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This article will give you all the reasons you should be excited to join the SkateX community and also look forward to the collection they are dropping in early 2022! Hope yall enjoy it!

What is SkateX

SkateX is a game, based on Solana NFTs, which is made to be part of the change in the video game realm, they aim to bring a rich, immersive game to the space, which is in high demand. They also plan on making an NFT collection on Solana blockchain. The roadmap is already avialable and first mint is scheduled on 5th April 2022. More info to come on the marketing and release dates in the near future!

The Team

The team composes of a lot of very talented and experienced artists/graphic designers and business professionals in the space that aim on making a new generation of creators, brands, and IPs. The team has a great experience, working in such great companies, like: EA, Kabam, Lucasfilm, Roblox & Supercell, they are real game industry veterans!

Meet the Team! Link

The Inspiration

What I pick up from the team and the community so far is that they inspire to make a new generation of internet gaming. They plan on merging their knowledge of the NFT space and their multiple years of video game development into one world-breaking game/experience. The sky is the limit for this team, they seem super energetic and happy to be working on this project.

The Community

The community is amazing, the people are super nice and supportive, they all are truly happy to be in there. The team did an amazing job of making the discord nice and clean, so that they could establish a solid community of true honest people that love the project. There are multiple community mods and staff members that add so much enjoyment in the way of games and quizzes that engage with the community.

How to join the Community

You can join Project Discord by clicking this link:

How to mint NFT

First of all, you have to be active in Discord. Then you have to know, that there are 3ways of getting your 1/1 deck. You can get roles (2 of them are avialable, one is WL Skater role and the other one is SkateList role). And, of course, you could buy the deck on the secondary market. With Skater role you only have a place in FCFS mint, but SkateList guarantees you the mint.

  1. Discord 10 lvl. It unlocks the @WL Skater role. Go to #levels channel to check your !rank.
    •Start/participate in discussions in different SkateX Community channels.
    •Share #fan-art , #memes and #photography and more with the community
  2. The SkateList role is the first tier version of the private sale (guaranteed mint). This role will be granted to top community contributors (for example artists submitting SkateX fan art and members that enhance the culture of the server), most active community members and exclusive partners! This role will be granted at the teams discretion based on genuine and authentic contribution to the SkateX community.
  3. Just buy the NFT on MagicEden or another trustworthy marketplace.

The Art

I personally really like the 3d animated art they have released so far, it is definitely a change in what we as an nft community are used to, but diversity in the space is crucial to it expanding. I love the art and I hope they keep up the good work!

The Future

The future is super bright and there is so much potential in this project, the team behind this project blows my mind, so many weapons on one team. Lots of creativity has already been shown and I cant wait to see what they come out with next! This project is super underrated and it’s only a matter of time till they get the attention they deserve. The 35k followers on Twitter won’t last long, 200k is a more reasonable number and even more with time.

Words from the Author

Thank you If you made it this far into the article, I’m super passionate about writing articles for projects I really like and SkateX was super fun to write about, to say the least. Hoping I can join the SkateList over on discord, I love the yellow role, looks so dope.

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Links to the Author (Kikalxd)

Discord: Kikalxd#9999




A rising crypto-star. Helping people get better in blockchain technologies. Ambassador, node operator, content creator.

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A rising crypto-star. Helping people get better in blockchain technologies. Ambassador, node operator, content creator.

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