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🤔What`s SupraOracles?

It`s a project, that is going to get rid if one of the toughest problems in the blockchain today. Oracle dilemma… Sounds hard, and it`s even more hard to solve it. Also it will provide more security, speed, decentralization, easy Web2->Web3 transition and all sorts of cross-chain solutions.

Almost every big Web3/DeFi/NFT project needs an oracle (the one to say them what is going on outside the blockchain). It could be prices of smth in the $ equivalent, may be news about any kind of natural disaster for charity smart-contracts and so on, so todays GEM promises us solutions to all these problems.

🤝Partners :

They raised more than 35 millions$, and that`s a great amount, beacause Supra is not even working at full capacity yet.

First of all, investors:


IBM — that actually surprized me. A company of that scale, they were founded more than a century ago and we know, what these granddads think of crypto and despite that, they brought their money in.

And, of course, tier-1 founds : Binance, Coinbase, Tezos, Polygon, Zilliqua…

Else one thing, that tells us about Supra being a true GEM💎, that it has very powerful partners, first of them is MasterCard💳

Supra oracles is in the Start Path cryptocurrency and blockchain program of Microsoft.

🔴Now the team:

The team is very promising and solid, leaders of the company are well-known to each other, they worked together on a RND-company, called Unitychain, that`s a good sign.


They have very smart tokenomiks, it means that the price will not be dumped, and that`s also a very good sign!

🐦Twitter :

They have a significant amount of well-known crypto influencers in their twitter, all good project must have them so Supra does.
More info:


This project is a true GEM, i advise you not to skip it and fill all the forms for whitelist, nodes and the ambassador program!

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