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No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it

Let`s find out WHAT Axelar Network is and why everybody calls it a bridge — it can provide such functions, but insisting on the quote above is like saying that a Swiss Army Knife is just a blade, technically, it can perform such functions, but look at the list of its additional tools: scissors, pruning blade, metal file, metal saw, pliers, a hoof cleaner and even a thermometer (that “knife” has more than 20 tools and an infinite amount of usecases)

Why are crosschain communication so crucial nowadays?

Crypto has come through a long way of research & development and we are happy see over 100 active public blockchains, many of which have their own unique applications, users, geographies, security models, and design trade-offs. Everyone is sure, that number of chains will grow exponentially, as a result of that we are now facing a problem of cross-chain communications.

Today we can count more than 40 crosschain solutions with which people try to solve the crosschain problem, but not many of them really make sence. Actually, a regular person has more fingers on his hand, than there are fast, secure and safe services on the crosschain market.

Ok then, now we want to figure out, what Axelar Network is.

What is a bridge in crypto? ? ?

Here`s the first answer from Google :
A bridge is a combination of smart contracts that facilitate interoperability and transactions between different blockchains. Users typically use a web app to take advantage of a bridge. They connect their wallet with the web app and then initiate a transaction.

And Google`s answer is correct!

And what is Axelar Network? ? ?

Axelar network is a scalable cross-chain communication platform. Blockchain platform builders can use it to seamlessly plug-in their blockchains to all other blockchain ecosystems. Application developers can choose the best blockchain to host their applications and use Axelar’s cross-chain communication protocols to lock, unlock, and transfer assets, as well as communicate with applications on any other chain. By connecting dapps with multiple blockchain ecosystems, the Axelar platform empowers users to interact with all applications across the ecosystem directly from their wallets.

So, as we can see, Axelar Network is not a bridge, it is MORE than that.
By words Axelar Network we mean an entire system. It is a platform, that was made to facilitate user and dev experience in Dapps industry. By using Axelar, developers and users may simplify their crosschain interactions. Any dev now can fully concentrate his attention on making a better product, when the Axelar team covers his back in the field of cross-chain communications.

credits: twizzyrich#3764

Here ^^^ you can see a brief infographics in case, you want to know a bit more about Axelar.

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A rising crypto-star. Helping people get better in blockchain technologies. Ambassador, node operator, content creator.

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A rising crypto-star. Helping people get better in blockchain technologies. Ambassador, node operator, content creator.

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